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And despite all that I say about how glad I will to be home again, it’s suddenly struck me that I am leaving Pepi’s house tomorrow, and even though I will stop back again before I leave, this is the end. I won’t live here again. I’m leaving. And there are so many things and people I don’t know half as well as I would like. And I’m beginning to wonder if the things remaining on that big List Of Things To Do Before I Leave aren’t going to get done.

I have made wonderful friends here, and I will miss them.

Maybe I feel so odd because even though I’m leaving, I’m not going to anyway. I mean, I am going to Asturias, and possibly Malaga or something, and then we’ll be in Córdoba and Granada, but that’s all tourist stuff, and home is still weeks away.

I want to not leave yet. I want to be home already.
I don’t really know what I want, although if I can manage not to cry when I say goodbye to Pepi, that would be nice.

I should also mention that there’s no guarantee that I’ll have good internet again before I get home. I’m certainly leaving the computer behind this coming week.

At least I’m done packing.


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Things I will and will not miss about Spain and things I will be glad to come home to.

It occurred to me today – in 21 days I will get on a plane and go home. Twenty-one days. Three weeks. That sounds like a long time, yeah? Too soon to start thinking about, really. But the group flight leaves Madrid on Thursday December 18, and the group bus goes to Madrid on Wednesday, and I will go with it. And then Kona and I will wander around Asturias (a province in northern Spain) for close to a week, and then I’ll get myself back down here to meet family on the 24th, and then we’ll be in Córdoba for four-five days, and then we’ll go to Granada for a few days, and back to Madrid for an overnight and then we’ll leave. And when I put it that way, it seems like very little time, especially since most of the rest of the people on the program are looking at leaving on the 18th or something like that, and therefore all in just-about-to-leave-Spain mode.

So it seems like an appropriate time to do a post of this sort. This list is in no particular order.

A very long list

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