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Okay, that’s really bizarre

After fiddling with the internet for an hour or two last night, we finally got it to work on an unsecured connection. So this morning when it wouldn’t let me on, I was rather annoyed.
I decided to unplug the wireless box, give it a time out, and plug it back in in the hopes that that did something – and then I glanced at the computer to see what that did – and our network had stopped asking me for a password and I was connected. Now I’m really confused (though glad that there’s internet); everything I know about electronics says that this one shouldn’t work at all if it isn’t plugged in. I don’t actually understand wireless networks, though; I just know how to use them. Any insights from the rest of you?

And in other news, I’m fine, I like my host mother – I think the greatest danger here is that she would happily feed me five meals a day if I let here – and Córdoba is beautiful. Well, not the part where I’m staying; that’s more comfortable, but a block-and-a-half walk takes me to the Judería, the old Jewish quarter, which is all whitewashed walls and cobbled streets and little arches into patio gardens – and that’s where the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras is.

Oh, and before I forget – yes, host mother – I’m staying with Pepi and her niece, not Pepe (which is what my e-mail told me). The niece isn’t here yet, though – her classes don’t start until October.



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