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Holland Trip Photos

Some of you are aware that I just got back from a two week work trip to the Netherlands.  It was, of course, work, but I managed to fit some fun things in around the edges.  I haven’t even properly looked through my photos yet, but here are a few that stood out as particularly nice.

I was delighted to realize that I would be there in the spring.  I was a little late for prime tulip season, but late-blooming tulips were still going strong.  On my first jetlagged day (the one where I hadn’t slept at all on the plane and was just dragging myself through until it was late enough to go to sleep), I went to Keukenhof, which claims to be the most beautiful spring garden in the world.


A river of mixed tulips.

The enormous fields of tulips that one imagines from pictures of Holland were pretty barren, but there were lots of nice smaller displays.


Tulips in stripes.


Fancy tulips.

In addition to tulips, there was a nice array of other bulbs, and a few pavilions with general floral displays.


I don’t know how they made them do that. Dyed them somehow, I assume.

But even everyday Rotterdam was beautiful.  Green, lots of paths, water everywhere.


I walked along this … linear pond every day on my way to the office.

And I did fit in one other tourist adventure, a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kinderdijk (kinder-dike), where I did, in fact, see windmills.  I got to go inside two windmills.


The inside of a windmill. There’s a stove/fireplace on the right, and behind that is a bed with just room for two people propped on pillows and a bassinet. It really isn’t any bigger than this.


Fishing basket. And that sailboat in the background is made out of a wooden clog.

I also had a chance to fly to Norway for a weekend and visit friends.  Which was lovely.  And, you guys, Norway is scenic.  SO FREAKING SCENIC!  I have only a handful of pictures from Norway, partly because I was only there for two days, but party because I was suffering from scenic overload and couldn’t choose what to take pictures of.  Also it was large and scenic in a way that’s hard to photograph.




Even the town center was scenic. And very pedestrian-friendly.

And despite what everyone says about Holland being rainy, it was sunny almost the entire time I was there.  Meanwhile, Massachusetts got an inch and a half of rain.


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