Zambia in 160 characters

Texting is very cheap here, about four cents a text. It’s also convenient, since I have a QWERTY keyboard on my phone. Alison still has the annoying phone with the T20 keyboard, but we both sometimes find a need to share elements of our lives with SOMEONE, since we can’t necessarily say it to the people we’re with. Here’s a selection of the text message conversation I have stored on my current phone:

2 February 2012
A – This lady on the bus has a bag that says semire cat instead of siamese cat

7 February 2012
A – I just got locked into the office bathroom so I tried to climb onto the sink to get over the wall but the sink started to break off the wall… But luckily someone came and rescued me

14 February 2012
M – I feel very self-conscious when random kids I don’t know (who would not greet me) stare at me the ENTIRE time I’m washing my bras and pants. (underwear)

A – that’s awkward but not as awkward as listening to your host parents having valentines day sex

M – You win. Congrats. Despite thin walls, I NEVER hear my neighbors. Maybe b/c I go to bed earlier than they do. (College was worse. And these people are married.)

19 February 2012
A – I went to a club last night where they played la macarana and were dirty dancing to it. didn’t realize it was possible

M – My neighbor Moses, while washing his clothes this morning: “I wish Adam and Eve didn’t sin. We could just walk around naked and not have to wash clothes…”

5 March 2012
A – I just met this reallllly hot guy from sweden that I might need to make out with at some point.

M – Got home yesterday to discover that my neighbor Clare has left for good and gone back to Mazabuka. Trade you stories on Friday.

15 March 2012
M – I feel in need of absolution: today I taught my students the Windows pinball game. In my defense, they did ask.

18 March 2012
A – The sermon today was on evil angels who live among us. One characteristic is they can eat lots of food and still hve small bodies This is why I hate church here

3 April 2012
A – I bought the whole cabin (for train trip to Tanzania) so if you change your mind you can come ­čÖé im just trying to tempt you to spend to much money like an evil angel! how’s life? Zesco?

M – Still no, evil temptress. Would miss 2wks work. Life pretty good. Teaching lots. ZESCO not gone off yet today. Turned down bigger place w/ nice Dutch roommate.

24 April 2012
M – Was walking to church last week w/ the U—-s. Natasha paused to survey the land and exclaimed, “This looks like Kansas!”

25 April 2012
A – Haha I told you so!you’ll be happy to know chris and matt had to listen to me say the same on the train. how’s work for you?

M – It’s been good. I’ve taught a lot and am tutoring three women (two in math and one in computers). The past 4 sermons have been on Colosians 3. You know, life.

26 April 2012
A – Haha thata change! Im going crazy right now with the 16, 11, 7, 4 and 2 year old living in our house right now especially since they’ve been forbidden from going outside for some unknown reason!

27 April 2012
M – You missed an interesting talk from Rev Soko on peach/conflict in home as microcosm for nation. Also a loud, complaining, inaudible talk on fruits of the spirit.

A – So does interesting mean good? Also s——- (Alison’s host brother) ended up throwing up on me! Gross!

M – Yes, it was good. So was Kathy’s talk on gender. And ew.

30 April 2012
A – I just put on some peach chap stick and now I crave peach cobbler

M – Oooh, peaches. Gemmeke had some last week but they weren’t very good.

4 May 2012
A – Im pretty sure I have a parasite.

M – Alas. Just one? I’m housesitting for a cat that has hot running water and a shower.

A – The cat does!? That sounds like the u.s. Also we have a training choma next week wed through sun. If you happen to be around. I miss seeing you:-(

M – The cat’s house does. I miss seeing you, too. Will see what can be arranged.

19 May 2012
A – I’m on the 6 bus. Also theyre playing bible o. Audio but at a part where they are just listing ancestry.

23 May 2012
A – This morning I sat on the bus by someone who smelled like sweet pickles and now im by someone who smells like german potatoe salad and its making me both hungry and disgusted

M – Currently looking at a recipe for chocolate chip peanut butter cookies: y/y? But the real question is if I should add hazelnuts, too.

10 June 2012
A – Church was only 2 and a half hours today I don’t even know what to do.

16 June 2012
M – Just emailed you a creepy story I wrote. How’s your Saturday going?

A – Great we have beautiful weather here! Ill look forward to reading monday! how’s your day?

M – Pretty good. Did laundry, wrote, visited, proofread stuff. You?

A – I was extremely lazy and then my scarf caught on fire but its okay.

28 June 2012
A – I just watched my mom pour a cup of oil onto beautifully steamed cauliflower… And while texting this she added more!!

M – We eat veggies tomorrow! BTW, can I put some of your texts on my blog?

A – Duh! I text you these things otherwise id go completely crazy!


Life here is okay. My roommates are adjusting, the pump has been broken for two days so there’s no water, and tomorrow I’m going to Livingstone for a much-needed break and hot shower.



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  1. Glad to see that you are having some of the same interesting experiences as us Nicaraguan SALTERS are having:)

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