Welcome to my office.

I walked into work this morning to discover a broom holding a sign onto the pile of boxes just inside the door:


But some of my coworkers were there, so I greeted them before proceeding to more pressing questions.
“Er, is there a snake?”
“Yes, somewhere in those boxes.”
I eyed the boxes warily and continued my progress into the room (and away from the boxes). “What kind of snake? Do we know?”
“Yes, a very small cobra.”

This is kind of how life goes here. But I’m glad that there’s a well-fitting door between me and the boxes and the snake.



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2 responses to “Welcome to my office.

  1. Kenner

    And the broom is a nice thing to have, too. You can always sweep the cobra out, or at least keep the broom between you and it!

  2. Only a _small_ cobra. Baby.

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