Update from Lusaka

I was considering writing this post last night, but the electricity cut out, and with it the internet, so I didn’t. Eric and Kathy, the country reps, say that the electricity goes regularly here, but fairly infrequently; last night was the first time this month, and there was only once last month. It went tonight, too, but only for about ten minutes. Luckily we were having a hotdog roast outside last night, so we just finished preparing salads by candlelight and ate in the dark.

I’m told that the electricity will go out more frequently in Macha, and that when it does, I’ll cook outside. It will be an adventure. Speaking of Macha, Kathy showed me where I’ll be staying on Google Maps: The Ark. Possibly you’ll need to zoom in a bit; it doesn’t seem to want to load properly right now.

I mentioned in my last post that many, many things are blooming here. The flora reminds me somewhat of New Zealand, but not as lush. I’m told that it also looks like parts of California, but since I haven’t spent much time examining the greenery of California, I can’t really comment on that. I meant to take pictures in better light, but we’re leaving for the villages tomorrow (though we won’t get to Macha until Friday), so you’ll have to make do with these slightly-too-dark ones I took the other evening.

This is a truffula papaya tree. I’ve never seen papayas on the tree before, and certainly haven’t seen BIG papayas. There was one sitting on the kitchen counter when we arrived that was as big as my head. (It’s not there anymore; we ate it.)

That’s bougainvillea on the right, and a eucalyptus left-center — and I’ve seen bigger eucalyptus trees in our walks around town. What I would really like to get a picture of is one of the jacaranda trees.


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  1. Dottie Baumgarten

    Hi Miriam! I caught up on your posts today. Time flew by these last two weeks! Safe travels for the next part of your trip! I look forward to hearing more language thoughts, and to hear what the Ark is like! Thinking of you! Dottie

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