I have arrived

Lusaka is a city that glimmers from the air. From the ground, it is dusty and somewhat brownish (although with many more flowers than I expected), but from the air, it glitters, as if someone took an aerial photograph of a city and liberally sprinkled it with rectangular sequins. I assume that this is the effect of metal roofs.

So I am here, all right, but incredibly tired (I maybe got eight hours of sleep over the past two days. And that’s a generous estimate). I have met the country representatives. I have learned that I’m not actually staying with a host family, but rather in some sort of communal living situation (with Zambians) called “The Ark.” I will be cooking my own meals.

It is nearly 7pm here, and dark, and I’m going to go to bed. Goodnight.



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9 responses to “I have arrived

  1. Emily H.S.

    Yay! If you remember, I would love to see a picture of Lusaka from the air next time you fly out of it, whenever that will be. A communal living situation type thing actually sounds pretty ideal–your own space and cooking, but still plenty of people to interact with. Cool.

    • I didn’t have my camera this time, but I’ll try to keep it in mind next time (which probably won’t be until I leave). It wouldn’t have been a very good picture, anyway; I was RIGHT over the wing, but it was a small enough plane that I could still see ground on both sides around it.

      The Ark will definitely be different than a family, but I’m hopeful that it will be really good. (I’m also regretting the decision not to bring a nice paring or boning knife for my host family, since every shared kitchen I’ve ever cooked in had terrible knives, and I imagine that it will be the same way here.)

      • Ken...

        Let me know if you do need a good knife. I know a hardware store where I can get you one, or anything else you need. -Ken @Kilian’s

      • We’ll see. We’re doing household things right now, and they’re sending me with two knives that are currently sharp. But I may well take you up on that.

        (WordPress seems not to allow comments more than three deep. This would have been nice to know when I was choosing between it and Blogspot.)

  2. Anna Hoover

    So glad you have arrived.

    Nina dijo “Hola” y mando 3 besos.


  3. Glad you’re there! “The Ark” sounds interesting. Rest up.

  4. Did you find your location kite?
    Did you take your drop spindle with you?

    • I did find my travel kite; it was in my closet, in a place I was pretty sure I’d already looked.

      I didn’t take my drop spindle, though if I run through all my yarn, I may have you folks send me the spindle and roving along with the more yarn.

    • In fact, I flew the kite yesterday. I didn’t really get it up, but it was windy enough to get kite and tail off of the ground without me needing to run (which is good, since there isn’t *that* much room to run in this yard).

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