So, gang, here we are.

I leave home for orientation tomorrow, and leave the country on the 18th. I’m packed (mostly. My computer, obviously, remains unpacked, as does the skirt that’s draped over my suitcase because it’s not quite dry). I’m excited, yes, I’m nervous, yes, but mostly I’m feeling surprisingly prepared, aside from a little nagging feeling that I must have forgotten something, because my list of things to do before I leave seems fairly manageable (not that I anticipate actually finishing it, but the things that get bumped will be things like mowing the lawn, which can be left undone), and I haven’t even had to sit on my suitcases to get them closed — or even unzip the extra bit on the expandable one — and don’t anticipate needing to do so. They both weigh in at about 39 pounds, too (the limit is 23 kilos, about 50 pounds).

I still don’t know where I will be living, which is mildly disconcerting, but is not a major problem at this point, since I don’t expect to actually live there for at least another two weeks. (It does make trying to collect host/hostess gifts an interesting proposition, but hopefully I’ve managed okay.)

I will now bustle off to continue doing last-minute things.

Edited for correct departure information


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