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Jiggity jog

Nobody calls you “sunshine” in grocery stores in Spain. They might call you “guapa (handsome woman, beautiful), but not “sunshine.” I’m not even sure that I know how to say sunshine in Spanish. I know how to say sunlight. Perhaps brilla del sol is sunshine. Or perhaps not. It certainly doesn’t have the same ring to it, and you would never use it as a way to refer to a person.
It’s little things like this that really make me aware that I’m home.

Also, no one in Córdoba leaves notes on the table for you saying that the weather will probably get nasty later today, and that you might want to stay home. In Córdoba, nasty weather is a lot of rain, or cold down to 3C, and you’ll get wet or cold or both, but nobody worries about ice on the streets.
I do like winter, though. Not as much as autumn, but I would miss the snows and the crisp chill and the pointy blue of a winter sky through bare branches if I lived in a place where there was never any winter. (However, if I lived in such a place, I think that I could probably do without days of freezing rain and week-old piles of gray-black snow that the snowplows dumped on your front lawn.)

I’m not aware of experiencing culture shock coming back, but it’s only been three days, so I should probably wait another few months before making gleeful pronouncements.

I had a good time with Kona in Bilbao, and bopping around Córdoba and Granada with mom and Isaac was wonderful. I’m glad that I stayed for that, despite my desire, while riding the bus to Madrid with the rest of the group on December 18th, that I too was going to Madrid to get on a plane so that I would be home in time for Christmas. Even if I did spend the next two weeks being sick, I had a good time.
I took lots of pictures, and will post them at some point, although depending on how mom’s internet cooperates, that point may not be until after I get back to school.

I hope you guys all had fabulous winter holidays.


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Home again!

I’m back in the states again, and very glad to be home. I just got in last night.

I’ll post a longer update later, but for now I’ll say that I had a good time in Spain and arrived home safely.


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