Adventures off the bottom of the map

I’m currently in Bilbao, wandering around with Kona. It’s very pretty, and very green, and rather wet. Yesterday we went to the Guggenheim museum, which was really cool.

We’ve been having some trouble with our maps, in that we seem to keep winding up in places just off the bottom of them – this happened when we tried to walk to the city from the youth hostel, and in Madrid, where the only map we were still on was the one with all the subway routes where you could barely see the streets and there were no street names.

I’m a bit sick, but doing pretty well. We’re having a good time. There’s apparently some sort of Christmas festival today, and we’re going down to see that, among other things.



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3 responses to “Adventures off the bottom of the map

  1. Anonymous

    Ooo, a christmas festival! I hope you feel better soon. Also, at least you KNOW you’re just off the bottom, as opposed to knowing that you aren’t on the map at all, but have no idea which way to go to get back to the map.
    Dad and Chris and I have discovered a way to ensure a quick, minimum-of-pickyness Christmas-tree-choosing trip: go in the pouring rain, when it’s cold and dark and muddy. Works wonders…

    • Anonymous

      oops. the above was from Emily.

    • No, that was Málaga. Sort-of, anyway. I was just off the side of the map, but I wasn’t sure of that, and wandered around in the dark for a bit, following signs to the center of the city (because if I go to the center of the city, I have to run into one of the streets on the map eventually, yeah?).
      Well, at least you avoided Christmas tree arguments.

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