And despite all that I say about how glad I will to be home again, it’s suddenly struck me that I am leaving Pepi’s house tomorrow, and even though I will stop back again before I leave, this is the end. I won’t live here again. I’m leaving. And there are so many things and people I don’t know half as well as I would like. And I’m beginning to wonder if the things remaining on that big List Of Things To Do Before I Leave aren’t going to get done.

I have made wonderful friends here, and I will miss them.

Maybe I feel so odd because even though I’m leaving, I’m not going to anyway. I mean, I am going to Asturias, and possibly Malaga or something, and then we’ll be in Córdoba and Granada, but that’s all tourist stuff, and home is still weeks away.

I want to not leave yet. I want to be home already.
I don’t really know what I want, although if I can manage not to cry when I say goodbye to Pepi, that would be nice.

I should also mention that there’s no guarantee that I’ll have good internet again before I get home. I’m certainly leaving the computer behind this coming week.

At least I’m done packing.


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  1. Leaving
    Miriam – I understand that lost feeling that comes when you are not rooted anywhere. It’s hard.

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