A Quick Check-in

I’m doing well and having a good time.
Today I discovered exactly how pricey it is to send things to the states (five euros for a large letter and my absentee ballot and some postcards stuck in the same envelope!).

I’m going to Málaga, and will be there for the next four days, visiting Pepi’s family. I’m not bringing my laptop. So you’ll just have to imagine me hanging out on the beach and having fun.

I got my library card today. I’ll try it on Tuesday.



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4 responses to “A Quick Check-in

  1. Anonymous

    Loving the beach!
    I guess if you’re reading this you are back from the beach. The dogs and I leave tomorrow. We’re having a great time. The dogs are exhausted. Sam had a little adventure Friday morning. We are on the fourth floor and have a balcony with sliding glass doors. I have been propping a baby gate in the doorway so we can get real air without fear of Sam escaping and going through the railing and falling to the ground. Well, on Friday morning I didn’t see him. I then noticed he had knocked the baby gate down. I stuck my head out and looked down at all the adjoining balconies. NO SAM! I quickly put on a pair of shorts and went to investigate. When I got out there Sam was coming out of the room next door (they had their sliding glass doors open, too). Then a woman appeared. She told me Sam had just come into her room and jumped into bed with her. I was horrified, but she was amused. Now I don’t dare leave the doors open.
    We had a wonderful time at the Costume Ball. No, we didn’t win, but we did have a lot of fun. Everyone admired our costumes (I reused my Harry Potter robe, but forgot to bring the lovely Venetian mask I bought at the Ren Faire–Bummer!). Next year’s theme is “Fast Dogs at Dewey High.” Somehow that doesn’t get my costuming interests going. At least I have an entire year to decide.
    I hope you had a fun time at the beach!
    Have you received any mail recently?

    • Re: Loving the beach!
      It suddenly occurs to me that it may be difficult to get hotels willing to host a greyhound-owners’ convention.
      I’m glad that Sam didn’t fall off of the balcony, and that your neighbor was amused rather than furious.
      I’m glad you had a good time, and yes, I did have fun in Málaga, even though I didn’t spend much time at the beach (in fact, if “at the beach” requires actually standing on sand, I didn’t spend any time at all – while the weather was nice, it wasn’t nice enough for swimming).
      Yes, I have gotten some mail lately! Two letters and a really cute birthday card – thanks a bunch! (You have a postcard coming eventually.)

  2. Anonymous

    Well, it may be expensive, but it certainly does arrive promptly…
    Glad to see you thought of the absentee ballot–I was going to bug you about seeing if you could get one in time, and then decided not to/forgot.
    How did the library expedition go?
    ~Smith Post Depot

    • Re: Mail
      Really? They told us to expect mail to take a week or two, and things I’ve gotten from the States look like they’ve taken a week or so to arrive. Maybe it’s quicker to sort it to out-of-country mail and get it headed where it needs to go than to sort incoming mail and get it distributed to the proper province and such.
      Yes, I ordered my absentee ballot before I left. However, that was just the Federal Write-In; I didn’t get any of the usual Pennsylvania stuff. I’ve verified that I should have gotten more than that, and I’m in the process of figuring out who to complain to (though really, if it doesn’t arrive, I’ll live. I’ve cast my vote for president, and the local stuff can’t be that important, given that I don’t know what any of it is. Though it occurs to me that we may be due for a gubernatorial election in the next year or two).
      The library expedition was successful. I will at some point post on it, although perhaps not right now, since while I can justify replying to e-mails and comments as acceptable procrastination on my archeology paper, it’s harder to justify writing long entries.
      Thank you, Mail Routing Service!

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