And, belatedly, a picture post.

This is the Alcazar de los Reyes Christianos (Fortress/Castle of the Christian Kings; Alcazar was originally an arabic word), where we had the fancy reception, at night. The lighting is a bit funny because I was using the long-exposure setting.

More of the gardens at the Alcazar. The colors in this one were very odd, but I liked the image, which is why it’s black and white. This part of the garden reminded me of a cross between The Garden of Abdul Gasazi and Lord of the Rings – specifically, Argonath. And I mentioned that it was dark, yes? It was creepy in the best way (well, except for the occasional water channels that would be like a three-inch-wide, three-inch-deep trough carved out of the path. Those were kind of treacherous, especially in heels (which I was not wearing, but other people were)). I definitely need to go back there again with my camera. Perhaps Friday-next-week.

This is one of the Mesquita bits of the Mesquita-Catedral. My pictures of it are, on the whole, not great (my camera is not happy with poor lighting, and does even worse with high-contrast. It’s a good camera, but when I get another one I think I’ll pay more attention to that). I’ve noticed that other people have sometimes gotten better color in less time (which means that their pictures are sharper). (Though I’m still inclined to think that my pictures, when they’re good, are better, but maybe that’s just me being proud of my pictures.)

Color-wise, this one came out best.

The guide took us back to the gardens at the Alcazar after we saw the Mesquita, but we only had time to stay for about three minutes.

This is the more modern section of Córdoba; specifically, it’s a fountain in a main plaza. The fellow in the middle is Rodrigo, one of the few guys on the trip (blue-and-red dress is also with us, but I can’t remember her name at the moment). I’ve warned him that I may have to use this picture for blackmail purposes if he ever runs for public office.

Another view of my walk to and from school. Just off the left of the frame is the Puerta de Almodovar, and I’m standing next to a statue of Seneca, who was apparently born in Córdoba. Or Corduba, as I think it was known at the time.

This was the graffiti art I encountered after getting lost. There were a number of temporary cubes set up, and people with cans of spray paint in front of each horizontal face. Some of the work was just elaborate tags, and some was CREEPY and WEIRD, but I liked the frog, and there was a face in shades of gray that was pretty cool.

I went on a walk last Sunday; we crossed the Puente Romana, the Roman Bridge, and wandered along the river.
From left to right, this is Audrey, Kelly, Vanessa, and Smith-Jen-with-curly-hair (there are at least three Jens and I don’t know any of their last names).

And crossed the river again and took artsy photos by water features (have I mentioned how many fountains and pools and tubs of water there are in Córdoba? A lot). LtR: Jen, Audrey, Kelly, Vanessa

The sky started to look REALLY threatening as we headed back. It did not look at all like this picture I took of it, but I like how the picture came out.

Córdoba is full of little white-washed patios, many of which contain plants. Some of the patios are inside houses, whereas some open off of streets or connect to streets. This one was particularly verdant and photogenic.

That’s the best of the Córdoba pictures so far.
And now, on to Sevilla!



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2 responses to “And, belatedly, a picture post.

  1. Anonymous

    I love that photo of the clouds and water. What a magnificent photo!
    Is that your “precioso” new skirt? It’s really pretty in any case. Your walk to and from school is certainly impressive. I sometimes try to see Philadelphia through the eyes a foreign tourist. I wonder if it looks as interesting to them as foreign countries look to me. What’s interesting about the Acme, but then in a foreign country a grocery store would be just thrilling to me.
    you know who even though I still can’t remember my password and yes I’m working my way back in time through your posts and no, I’m not at work even though it is Monday night…

    • Nope, I got that skirt at a thrift store in Germantown. I like it a lot.
      I think that certain parts of Phildelphia, at least, would look pretty impressive to a tourist.
      How on earth did you manage to avoid being at work on a Monday night?

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