Okay, that’s really bizarre

After fiddling with the internet for an hour or two last night, we finally got it to work on an unsecured connection. So this morning when it wouldn’t let me on, I was rather annoyed.
I decided to unplug the wireless box, give it a time out, and plug it back in in the hopes that that did something – and then I glanced at the computer to see what that did – and our network had stopped asking me for a password and I was connected. Now I’m really confused (though glad that there’s internet); everything I know about electronics says that this one shouldn’t work at all if it isn’t plugged in. I don’t actually understand wireless networks, though; I just know how to use them. Any insights from the rest of you?

And in other news, I’m fine, I like my host mother – I think the greatest danger here is that she would happily feed me five meals a day if I let here – and Córdoba is beautiful. Well, not the part where I’m staying; that’s more comfortable, but a block-and-a-half walk takes me to the Judería, the old Jewish quarter, which is all whitewashed walls and cobbled streets and little arches into patio gardens – and that’s where the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras is.

Oh, and before I forget – yes, host mother – I’m staying with Pepi and her niece, not Pepe (which is what my e-mail told me). The niece isn’t here yet, though – her classes don’t start until October.



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7 responses to “Okay, that’s really bizarre

  1. Response
    I will not attempt to explain anything related to modern technology but I will agree that timeouts can be a very effective way to cope with both naughty technology and naughty children.
    Is the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras where you will have classes?
    I looked at the map but I could not determine where the Judería is. Which direction is it? What streets is in on?

  2. Might there be another wireless box for the same network, and that one doesn’t have a password? (So when you unplugged the password one, you connected with the non-password one?)
    I’m making stuff up here like crazy. I do know that when you sign on to AirPort and the network wants a password, sometimes the default setting in the drop-down menu doesn’t work (because the network wants your connection encrypted). (i.e. try other settings if you continue to have issues/haven’t tried them yet.)
    I’m going to stop advising you beyond my expertise now.

  3. I agree with the above theory (or perhaps there’s a second network?)–but as an alternative theory, how’s this?
    Box A is being controlled from afar by its nemesis, Box B, by way of the electricity cord. Box A would very much like to let you on to the internet, but is required (by Box B) to demand a password. As soon as Box A is unplugged, it is free to exercise it’s freedom of “wireless” communication, and graciously waive you on through to the internet.

  4. oh great – another way to procrastinate on the web!
    hi Miriam,
    yes – I’ve been highly entertained by your blog posts (and comments from your friends and family — one of whom is Emily) and now an hour has gone by!!!!!!!! Granted it was a lot of adventuring to catch up on…lost luggage, daggers, wine, food, Gaudi architecture, ursula leGuin references, hail storms, mysterious food sculpture.
    I really am very glad that your mom and I were at Chris and Isaac’s soccer game together this weekend so she could share your blog journal site with me (actually, I think Isaac helped a bit). It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy Spain vicariously through your eyes (and words).
    As they say….Thanks for sharing.
    I look forward to the ongoing lively reading and discussion.
    PS Ellie and I want to put in a vote for Emily’s storyline. There is the potential that we are a bit partial……or biased.
    PPS Aren’t those balloon shorts called pantaloons?

    • Re: oh great – another way to procrastinate on the web!
      Mysterious food sculpture? I don’t remember any mysterious food sculptures. I suppose I did describe several meals at length, though.
      Mom told me that Chris and Isaac are on the same team – and scored a goal together.
      And I’m glad that you’re appreciating reading my blog.
      Actually, I’m currently leaning towards a slightly altered version of Emily’s story: Box A would very much like to let me on to the internet, but is required (by Box B) to demand a password. As soon as Box B is unplugged, Box A is released from the established system and can exercise its freedom and graciously waive me on through to the internet.
      In this scenario, Box B is the one I see and Box A is somewhere else but not very far away. This would explain the fact that the wireless signal is stronger in my room than on the couch right next to Box B.
      I’ve also definitely confirmed the connection between unplugging and it no longer asking me for a password. Or, if not actually confirmed, I’d convinced it do repeat the behavior.
      Interestingly enough, plugging Box B back in does not disconnect me from the internet because I don’t have a password.

    • Re: oh great – another way to procrastinate on the web!
      These particular balloon shorts were shorter than what I think of for pantaloons, and had strips of fabric with slashes. Here, it’s what the fellow on the left (in black and white) is wearing in this picture, though the ones the tunas players wore were better examples.

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