I´m here okay

Lost all my luggage
It was sent to Germany
Will come tomorrow?

In other words, I´m here with my backpack and the contents therein, and that´s it. I have a change of clothes and my electronics, and two books. So really, the necesities of life, although I could deal with more clothes (and maybe some soap? I do have toothpaste, though).

We´re in Salamanca currently, at an internet cafe – not what I expected, but it works (if slowly). Okay, I´m fed up with catering to the keyboard now – you can just puzzle out what my slightly European typos are. We stopped in Avila for lunch. The plane was late. I like my roommates, and know more people from Smith than I was remembering.

Longer post later.

By the by, I´m not aware of experiencing jet lag as such – it´s just really, really bad lack of sleep. (For those of you who care, there´s some Difficulty Distinguishing Sounds, but that might just be the accent.)



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4 responses to “I´m here okay

  1. Those 5 extra pounds
    Now that your luggage was misdirected I really regret that you paid the surcharge for those 5 extra pounds!
    We need to make sure that R&R know that their suitcases took a side excursion to Germany!

  2. Welcome to Espania!
    Glad to hear you’ve arrived, sorry that your luggage had other travel destinations. :{( Best cure I know for jetlag/sleeplack is exposure to daylight sun, and try to sleep by the local times, even if you have to force yourself awake/asleep.
    Love, Dad…
    P.S: Sorry I got you the wrong adapter, I guess I didn’t check it closely enough. Hope you are able to find the right one.

    • Re: Welcome to Espania!
      So far as I can tell, I’m currently on local time – one effect of getting less than 4 hours of sleep and then traveling most of the day is that as soon as I let myself lie down, I was asleep. I barely noticed the light and noise when my roommates came in later; I woke up at 9-ish to bells and had to think a bit before I remembered that they came in at all.
      Yes, I did manage to find an adapter. As for the other, it’s the thought that counts.

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